Mission Statement

p Publishing is a subsidiary of Quaden Productions, LLC is a multi-purpose design, Cinematography, and Publishing company. Qp Publishing is focused on the individual author and aspiring writer. Our objective is to bring our clients and their customers the best experience while utilizing world-class photography, Web design, and publishing practices as set by industry leaders. We strive to hold Christian values while basing all decisions on biblical truth and Gods word.

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Vision Statement

To inspire, visualize, and create with collaboration from our authors, artist, and story tellers with guidance from God’s word.

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Our Values

* Author First, We are dedicated to putting our writers, authors, and clients first. Whether you are an aspiring writer, a published author, or seasoned professional. We are here to help.

* We will work with Christian and Biblical values according to God’s word.

* We will be involved in every phase of your project to ensure the highest-quality result.

* Our creative and technical team will listen our clients needs and collaborate with your team.

* We will develop and maintain trusting, mutually beneficial relationship to become a cohesive team

* We will provide  training and guidance though coaching, workshops, and keeping professional publishing standers.

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Thank you for stopping By.

Qp publishing was created out of necessity… Our parent company Quaden Productions was created we  realized there was no outlet for the work being created by our team of talented artist, designers, ant script writers.  Instead of working though ‘traditional’ publishing.  It was decided to start self publish our work.  With the advent of digital publishing it became easier to hold to our high standers.  

In 2020,  the scope of Qp Publishing was out growing the scope of Quaden Productions, the company had spilt into three separate companies. including Quaden Productions, LLC (the parent company), Burnt Negative Adventures (Photography and workshops), and Qp Publishing, (Publishing and Retail). 

With 2020  putting the Film and photography industry on hold We have put all of our company resources into building our online presents.  Including our digital publishing company Qp Publishing, QP books & knick knacks, and our community out reach writers club. Crow River Quill & Ink Society. 

Our values. 

Author First
You show us the way, we Guide you though the weeds.
Christian Values
We strive to work with in Gods word
We are a team dedicated to your project
We will help you stand out
Training and guidance.
You are not alone