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Qp Publishing is dedicated to the pursuit of an Authors dream.  It is our goal to help aspiring and established writers to become more informed about the writing and publishing process.  We endeavor to be a guide every step of the complicated world of publishing.  Every year the publishing world gets more complicated with the advent of new technology and complicated processes that are designed to hinder an author in pursuit of their goals.  We, at Qp Publishing, make a promise to help all authors though the steps that start with drops of ink and end with a fulfilled dream. 


Author First.

We work with published authors to aspiring writers.  From inception to completion, it is our goal to take you to the next step in your writing.  Either helping an Idea come to reality or a completed work become ;to a published work.  We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.   We work with leading industry leaders to help with this goal.   Contact us for more information.

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Concept to Reality.

Qp Publishing Is Your Trusted Solution for Publishing Books. Professional Service Committed to Helping You Get Your Book Published.
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Drops of Ink.

Keep up with Qp Publishing.  Below you will find useful information about how to start writing, creating ideas, and other useful information all authors and writers need. 
Drops of Ink

Author Spot light

Featured authors, poets, and creatives we work with.   

Jason Willis

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Join in our local writers group,  we hold monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.  We also have special events though out the year.  Click on the link to learn more. 
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